Heading out at 1am just a heads up ladys and gentlemen will reply tommorw when I'm not buzy. With personal things
Just because you are my blood and son don't mean i wont put you in your place
Tαkumι Jr. (M~♥) Minako: I'm the hero this city needs and will do whatever to make sure there self aims gun
Tαkumι Jr. (M~♥) Minako: May be true but im whiling to cross that line
Ruby E& L _∂ark_ķing ▫♰ak Moon: Awe baby that is very sweet to say -kisses You -
_∂ark_ķing ▫♰akumi ℓee ķoyane▫(moved page): My godess my life my everything i ever wanted
Ruby E& L _∂ark_ķing ▫♰ak Moon: She tears up and hugs you tightly kissing you